Gigs and hustles – July

My gigs and hustles
My gigs and hustles

Before we get started, it’s worth understanding why I do my gigs and hustles. I used to work in the financial industry (for quite a few years) and made a very good living. I was in an accident in 2012 which turned my world upside down. It left me with cognitive issues which interfere with my ability to work in my chosen field, and also worsened existing bipolar disorder. I tried starting my own company after the accident, which compounded my woes, and this ended up failing. So, now I’m winding down my real estate investments and doing side gigs to pay for groceries. My wife’s salary is what really supports us.

My Gigs and Hustles

Sys Admin Part-time Job

I work as a Linux system administrator part-time at a software company. Despite being cognitively challenging, I enjoy doing it and it relies heavily on my “rote” memory as this is stuff I did 20-years ago. It’s the cornerstone of my gigs and hustles right now as I make the most money from it.

Net $1000. Target for next month $1000.

eBay and classifieds

I sold some parts from a 1949 Coke vending machine that I bought and never restored. Net $200. Target for next month $200, but I’m not sure what I’ll be selling yet — there’s plenty around the house, however.

Dog Walking

This is a new gig. I’m getting $15 for a 30-minute dog walk and $18 for dropping-in to see a dog at home whilst the owner is away/at work. I’m doing this though Rover.

Net $0. Target for next month $100.


Net $0. Target for next month $100. Even the $100 target my not be obtainable given I’m just starting out and don’t even have or Adsense yet.


I haven’t started this side gig yet. We live in a rental until he end of August and will then move into the new house we bought. At that point, we’ll fire up some Airbnb from the basement. We live in a smallish town, so we’re not expecting great things. Plus we’re only renting a bed in a basement.

Net $0. Target for next month $100 (four nights).

Growing My Gigs and Hustles

As you can see, I don’t make much money and likely won’t grow that much next month. But I want my situation to also inspire folk: with a little willpower and determination, you can increase your earnings and not only support yourself but make your life better. Keep following the blog to find out how my earnings progress!

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