September blog stats
September blog stats

Blog Update – September


September was the second full month the blog was live. And what a month it was!


I only wrote 2 posts in September, but one of them has become my most read posts of all time (the one on dividends.)


From the below Google Analytics screen grab you can see that I got a whopping 11,343 page views in September! I still can’t believe it was that many. Nearly half of those were for the article on dividends.

September blog stats
September blog stats

So how did I get so many pageviews without advertising and on a brand new blog? Quite simple: I got featured on two other large blogs. The first was Rockstar Finance which bought a ton of traffic for a few days. The second was the personal finance section of a large Canadian newspaper called The Globe and Mail.

My average time spent on a page is a very healthy 5 minutes 14 seconds for the dividend article and nearly 2 minutes on average. I’m pretty happy about these averages as it means people are actually thoroughly reading what I write and not just skimming.


I passed the 1,000 Folllower mark on Twitter this month and am well on my way to 1,100. This has been achieved through pure hard work of Following others, but I do now seem to be getting a little “organic” growth.

Sharing new content via Twitter with the hashtag #PersonalFinance is also starting to reap rewards.

Pinterest and Facebook

Pinterest and Facebook are currently on hold whilst I concentrate on other things. I think a mistake some people make is to try and get exposure on many forms of social media at once and end up doing a bit of a half-assed job of it.


I’ve made enough through Adsense now to make the blog breakeven against it’s running costs. Not much and won’t put me into retirement, but it’s good not to be paying the running costs.


SEO work is starting to work but there’s more that needs doing. I do have a few SEO quirks such as typing “love dividends” puts me on the first page of Google results 😉


September was definitely a great month and I’ll have a hard time replicating it in September. But it is reassuring that if you write good content, people will come.

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